Our fitness Story

As a young company established in 2019, Fitwise is your one-stop solution to get the most genuine health and nutrition products like protein powder, weight gainer, multi-vitamins, probiotics, etc. With the rapid expansion of e-commerce market, most supplements and nutrition products are easily available online and are delivered at your doorstep with one click. Despite this changing trend, one thing the market has failed to establish is trust. That’s the reason most people are still hesitant to buy supplements online doubting the authenticity of products.

When it comes to authenticity, Fitwise is a platform that does not compromise with it at any cost. All the products available on our website cross the innumerable quality checks by our highly qualified and proficient staff who possess several decades of experience in serving the health and pharmaceutical industry. While shopping with FitWise, you can rest assured that you’re going to get the best quality products.

Shray Bablani, The co-founder of Fitwise

Being a Pharmacy postgraduate himself, Mr Shray Bablani knows how essential it is to consume good quality food and medicines. He has been up-close and personal with the vices of the fitness industry. He believes that with the constantly growing demand for sports nutrition supplements in India, a surprisingly huge number of people have taken undue advantage by creating and selling counterfeit nutrition supplements. By selling these counterfeit products, not only do some companies and websites rob their consumer’s hard-earned money, but also ruin their health. He has himself witnessed his many friends getting sick by consuming counterfeit products. Being the Director of a pharmaceutical company, quality, efficacy and purity form his utmost priority. He is committed to ensuring that they form the foundation of FitWise as well.

Decades of Experience

As a sister concerned of RPL Pharma, we possess about two decades of profound experience in Pharmaceutical Industry. Having such a strong portfolio and background gives us an edge to filter and provide you with the best quality health and nutrition products on FitWise.

Our Mission

At FitWise, we value your health. That is why our mission is to provide you with the most authentic health and fitness products like protein powder, weight gainer, multi-vitamins, probiotics, etc. We aim to be your true fitness partner in your fitness journey.